Parish of St. Theresa and 
Our Lady of the Wayside

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Document10-01-17 Bulletin.pdf10-01-17 Bulletin.pdf
Document10-08-17 Bulletin.pdf10-08-17 Bulletin.pdf
DocumentSt Theresa Parish Picnic - October 1 2017.pdfSt Theresa Parish Picnic - October 1 2017.pdf
Document10-22-17 Bulletin.pdf10-22-17 Bulletin.pdf
Document10-29-17 Bulletin.pdf10-29-17 Bulletin.pdf
Document11-05-17 Bulletin.pdf11-05-17 Bulletin.pdf
DocumentAll Souls Flyer - 11-1-17.pdfAll Souls Flyer - 11-1-17.pdf
Document11-12-17 Bulletin.pdf11-12-17 Bulletin.pdf
Document11-19-17 Bulletin.pdf11-19-17 Bulletin.pdf
Document2017 St Theresa Giving Tree Flyer.pdf2017 St Theresa Giving Tree Flyer.pdf
Document11-26-17 Bulletin.pdf11-26-17 Bulletin.pdf
DocumentBulletin Insert for 11-26-17.pdfBulletin Insert for 11-26-17.pdf
Document12-03-17 Bulletin.pdf12-03-17 Bulletin.pdf
Document12-10-17 Bulletin.pdf12-10-17 Bulletin.pdf